SOCMED TaxiTender sept_V1-1Life is too short to be unfriendly. We took the opportunity to list some random acts of kindness during business travel. Which one will you be carrying out during your next trip?

1. Clean up
Having a business lunch or dinner in a restaurant? Try to leave your table clean or even leave a simple ‘thank you’ note for the cook.

2. Share freebies
Luxurious hotels often offer some free extras, like bath and shower accessories, a local magazine or a simple bottle of water. Why not share it with a backpacker or homeless person if you don’t need it yourself?

3. Buy local
Instead of buying products at a huge super market chain, support local shops by buying their fresh or locally made products. And don’t forget to tell them about your great experience in their town.

4. Write a review
Spent the night at a great hotel or had dinner in a wonderful restaurant? Share your feedback with the rest of the world. It will not only help your fellow business travelers planning their trip but it’s also a great compliment for the owners!

5. Chat with a stranger
For example your taxi driver. Tell him or her how you like the country or ask for extra tips.
Use our tips and add an extra touch of kindness to your business trips. And remember: sometimes it’s the smallest act that makes the biggest impact!