TaxiTender provides an easy to use taxi booking engine for travelers and distribution partners, unlocking a worldwide taxi network at fixed competitive rates.

How we do it...

We know (nearly) everything about taxi rates all over the world. The complex of our booking engine, the price benchmark system, our vast provider network and ride tender system guarantees our customers and

partners the most competitive rates for each ride anywhere in the world.

For travelers

Discover the comfort of our prebooked taxis. No more price discussions in the car because you paid in advance, no waiting time or delay. Your driver is waiting for you!

Book your taxi in just 3 steps on this website. Anywhere!

For partners

We offer our partners multiple solutions to connect our "plug and play" booking engine to new or existing frontends or backends. Deeplinks, widgets, whitelabel, API and even GDS integration solutions, you name it we have it.

We will increase your revenues, upgrade your service level and help you beat your competition. Want to know what we can do for you too?

For providers

Reliable taxi and transfer providers from all over the world love to work with us because we respect local rates and legislation. For this reason we have the fastest growing global taxi provider network available.

If you give our customers a great service we will give you more rides and more revenues. Want to know what we can do for you too?