It’s time we realize: the days consumers walked into a travel agency to book their complete holiday – from transport to hotel – are over. With help of mobile and online platforms and applications, travelers are in charge of their own booking process and able to arrange every part of their trip – where and whenever they want. For the travel industry, this entails one important challenge: to help the consumer travel from A to B, in the easiest, most comfortable and most reliable way possible.

Although booking a flight or hotel online is easier than ever, individually composing a complete trip or experience still demands quite some puzzling. Take the transfer from or to the airport for example, a well-known obstacle. Is it best to use one’s own car, public transport or a taxi? What’s the most cost and time efficient option? And what happens in case of any delay or cancellation? Solving this issue is a great opportunity for the travel industry to ease the worries of travelers and optimize their customer journey. Only if the travel branch realizes the importance of a door-to-door experience for travelers, will we be able to jointly serve consumers in the best way possible – now and in the future.

Offer your clients a door-to-door travel experience

TaxiTender believes traveling should be as easy and comfortable as possible, for both leisure and business travelers. That’s why we introduced pre-booked taxis and airport transfers to the travel industry for almost every itinerary in the world. In addition, we joined forces with travel agencies, airlines, technology partners and transfer solutions worldwide – including KLM/Air France, Amadeus, TUI, and many more. We offer them online and offline integration solutions for our booking tool, while they offer their clients the service of a door-to-door travel experience including a pre-booked transfer.

How does it work?

With the help of our price benchmark, reversed auction system and our trusted network of local transport providers, we’re able to offer your clients reliable pre-booked transfer and taxi services from and to almost every destination in the world. How? By connecting our ‘plug and play’ booking engine to your new or existing front or backend. Signing up as a TaxiTender partner only takes some easy steps:

1. Sign up via our registration form to apply for a TaxiTender partnership or contact us. We’re happy to discuss your options and your expected revenues.

2. Commission: we will offer you a commission percentage, since implementing our booking tool offers you the possibility to increase revenues from existing clients.

3. After you accepted our offer and we approved your application, you’re ready to go!

Looking for more advanced partner solutions? We will provide you with the right solutions to implement our booking tool. Do you connect it to your front or backends via deeplink, widget, whitelabel, API or even GDS integration solutions? It’s all up to you!

What’s in it for you?

Partnering with TaxiTender means increasing your revenues, by monetizing the first and last part of every client’s trip: his transfer. It also means upgrading your service, by offering your client a worldwide taxi network that’s safe and reliable. And last but not least, if means beating the competition, with the world’s largest taxi network always within reach.

We offer various ways to become a TaxiTender partner. Discover all our integration solutions!